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This is to say that when a driver who arrives at a place automatically has his vibration rate which drops, (at the sight of the two figures above) as if he fell into a hole and suddenly experienced great STRESS…

Each human being is under the influence of three main cycles which are: the physical, the emotional, the intellectual… Well described in the
BIORYTHMS. These cycles can be at their lowest at the same time and therefore the driver is not at his best and his reflexes. Passing through such places can disturb him and lead to a lack of concentration and quickly a loss of control of his vehicle …

CIRCADIAN rhythms: rhythm of the land

A circadian rhythm is a biological rhythm lasting about 24 hours, which has at least one cycle in every 24 hour period. The term « circadian », coined by Franz Halberg, comes from the Latin circa, « around », and dies, « day », and literally means cycle that lasts « about a day » 2. biological clocks, and acts on Melatonin « source Wilkipédia »

Biorhythms / Circadian Rhythms