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This defined context, the study was developed on the basis that “what surrounds us”, “what carries us, makes us live” and “what we are” are interdependent natural and physical concepts which generate phenomena identifiable and quantifiable physical.

Let us measure this interdependence and observe what happens with the place / health relationship?
Our Geobiologist shared this dynamic of observation with more than 400 people who participated in the meeting days he has been leading for several years.
Benevolence being the order of the day, he invited 62 independent geobiologists, whom he worked with in his knowledge sharing, to voluntarily analyze known neutral subjects that challenge us all.
It should be noted that this working group uses approach and measurement methods commonly learned and used today in 13 French departments, including Overseas.
Most of the assessments carried out in geobiology are carried out through the practice of dowsing and the reference tool is the Bovis scale, a dowser from Nice, who in 1920 established a scale of measurements still in force today.

Our geobiologist, out of a desire to concretely share a constructive and enlarged vision of our living environment, invited these independents to progress individually, analyzing territories in a completely random manner. Thus, their feedback would be out of all influence and would objectively bring out the trends finally rationalized by other neutral third parties (geobiologists, teachers, scientists). Each of them worked with the same methodology taught during training days of meeting on the holistic * approach to harmonization.

The surveys were broken down into three parts:
– housing and serious illnesses,
– electromagnetic waves,
– accident-prone places.

Do these selected themes have a connection between them? Is there a relationship with our health, our behavior?
In each part of the study, a framework of questions was established according to the theme analyzed. The CAUSES (questions) of the disruptors recur in almost all of each stream. For each case studied, the results have been reported in a table. The questionnaire used « geobiological » references, briefly explained in each part for a better understanding of the study.

The Geobiologist