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By observing that the average vibratory rate of the people identified in the panel is (21 Kbovis), without pathological classification, we note that a correlation is established quite precisely between this and the average rate previously mentioned for their homes. (22 Kbovis). Obviously, « the energy of the earth » is subject to physical transits or imbalances which divert it, for more than half, from the receptacles of these sick people and their homes.

What should be remembered mainly from this last table is the little VITAL energy of the dwellings, barely 22% compared to the average of the energies of the EARTH. This abnormally low vibratory rate is a very big handicap for the people concerned, because it considerably weakens the immune defenses, anti bodies, etc. essential to the patient to fight against his disease…

This situation is not irreparably frozen,
since the GEOBIOLOGIST is able,
after study,
to restore the energies of the home …