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Relay on Building

Clearly by observing the average of the energy readings around the antennas on building supports show that the vibration rate in the direct environment happens to be almost zero. In this case, the antennas phagocyte energy by emitting electromagnetic waves up to a range of 75 meters. What then to think of the impact on health, of the inhabitants of these buildings supporting antennas… excitement of living organisms by the waves in presence (endocrine disruptors, tyroids…), effects on the sleep of each one that causes depression… would there be more « electricity in the air », « agitation in the bodies », « warming spirits »? Physical heat-up phenomena often tend to « burn », consume energy… all of this can raise common-sense questions about the interdependencies between our environment, our way of life and our health, our physical fitness simply. Do we sleep as well (sleep being the period of regeneration of the human organism at rest) in a building overlooked by an antenna as in a house in the countryside?