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A more common translation would simply give: « influence of the Earth, in its entirety, on all living things »… hence this close link between geobiology and health… In the East, Feng Shui is more regularly cited (Wind and Water – Circulation of Energies) as « science of influence of the Earth ». Both of these disciplines are millennia. Feng Shui has acquired its letters of nobility since the Zhou dynasty (-1040 BC). In the West, Hippocrates, father of medicine, wrote in his “Treatise on Airs, Waters and Places” (-430 BC): “Anyone who wants to improve themselves in the art of healing will consider how the place is arranged. and learn from the underground, concurrently with the constitution of living beings ”.

Thus, to the disturbances due to the geological phenomena brought to light in the 20th century (Yves Rocard – Georges Lakhowsky – Ernst Hartmann – etc….), All the effects of electromagnetic waves are added in addition.

In the introduction we made reference to Hippocrates for his place / health approach. This Father of the only « true medicine » according to Doctor Paul Carton (in his book: La Science Occulte et les Sciences Occultes in 1935) quotes the writings of this Initiate:

« The bodies of men and all animals feed on three kinds of things: food, drink and life force »

(literally = invisible vital energy. The vital force is called vital breath (nervous fluid) in all bodies and air outside the body. It is the most powerful force and cohesion and action of all that exists. However it is invisible to the eye; only reasoning can conceive of it. Indeed, without it nothing would be born. It is not absent from anything; it is found in everything. The immense interval which separates the earth from the sky is filled with ethereal vital energy. It is this which animates and moves the sun, the moon and the stars. It is the food of the fire. The water of the sea also contains it, because without it the aquatic animals could not live. I add that it gives life to men and that it establishes the natural defenses (immune) in the diseases (641; 1).

This vital force has received very different names: Prana among the Hindus, Kha in ancient Egypt, Fountain of Life of the Mystics, Ether….) The vital force is called vital breath in all bodies and air outside the body.

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