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Here is a parallel that we could give in conclusion of our 1200 surveys

SECTION 1 is a perfect reflection of this, in which more than 1,066 homes were studied, from which an average vibration rate for all homes of 23 KBOVIS emerges, while the vibration rate of 1066 people came out of 21 KBOVIS. (We remind you that the average vibratory rate of the earth for the period was 100 KBOVIS).

Not all people living in these homes have enough VITAL ENERGY to fuel their immune defenses…

The simple diagram of the lock and the communicating vessels showed you how these vital energies circulate between the dwelling and its occupants…

We would like to point out that the occupants of the home are not responsible for this state of affairs. But they can only endure it.

SECTION 2 wanted to show you the toxicity of the whole


studied on their different media and their impact on

the environment and especially on homes and their occupants.

This alert is sent to you so that you can be vigilant when you want to invest in a new or already built home, to look at the environment in which you are going to live: to lift your HEAD to find out if there is not this type electromagnetic pollution.

SECTION 3 was certainly a discovery for you which is very real. As we specified in the summary, this is not the essential cause which transforms a road into an accident-prone place, but one of the causes that should be taken into account when there is a “DARK SPOTS”.

The last survey is very significant by its magnitude, the one who carried it out, achieved an enormous work in particular on the last table presented which precisely determines the number of people men / women who gave an end to their days over the period of 3 days. Realized before and after the day of the full moon or the new moon.

We remind you that these periods influence the vast majority of beings on earth and create certain phenomena that are well known…

Final synthesis

The initiative for these surveys was taken for a very specific purpose:

OPEN CONSCIENCES on the importance of HOUSING on the HEALTH of their occupants.
This at all levels, initially for builders who should be respectful of the people to whom they are going to sell land by having the place checked to determine if it is healthy…

At the level of the architects, by respecting the principles of implantation on the place and by applying the principles of FENG SHUI on the orientations of beds, the solar and lunar orientations in relation to the grid of the place, etc.

To real estate agents as well as people who want to sell their home that hasn’t sold for months and months simply because there is no VITAL ENERGY inside.

Only the GEOBIOLOGIST is able to establish a diagnosis which will observe THE EFFECTS, he will determine THE CAUSES and provide the appropriate THERAPY.

Do not hesitate to pass on these studies to as many people as you can.
Which concerns all the inhabitants of
Gaia our Earth-Mother who is a PLANETARY CONSCIOUSNESS