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Conclusion and additional information

We quote for the record the work done by the geobiologist on the energies of this pathogenic place by restoring Vibration rate 100 KBovis by the method learned and which he practices regularly on homes.

As for SECTION 1, we can say that all TELLURIC ELEMENTS have a MAJOR influence on the lowering of the

Places studied


All locations that have been analyzed and treated with our method will be monitored over a period of time to see the regression of accidents. Our method has already been applied on such sites and has yielded excellent results.

As we reported at the beginning of section 3. The communities and various commissions of inquiry have done a magnificent job on the many DARK SPOTS that existed more than 20 years ago in France. It would be desirable for them to take into account certain points that emerge from our investigations that are not to be overlooked when it comes to safety, for the lives of car drivers…