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Summary of Causes

Also, in response to the questions asked on the geophysical level, the studied panel reveals the presence in the dwellings of 592 water currents and 550 cosmo-telluric chimneys, alone totaling almost a third (33% exactly) of the identified phenomena.

Then comes a section bringing together 475 negative Hartmann lines and 430 electrical transformers, or 25% of the potential causes of lowering the vibration rate of the homes studied.

The telluric presence (398 faults and 369 currents) are evaluated at 21% of the harmful elements of this study. Soil memories, 357 out of the 1066 dwellings, are, in number, a relatively equivalent part to faults and telluric currents with their 10% of the total analyzed. Finally, we will retain the notable effects of the electrical devices present in the environment close to these places of life (291 high voltage lines and 83 Television / telephone relays) amounting to 10% of the disturbing elements of quantified vibration rate.

Finally, it should be noted that the traditional geological phenomena known to geobiologists (water currents – cosmo-telluric chimneys – Hartmann lines – telluric currents – telluric faults – soil memory) which represent two-thirds (77%) of the harmful effects observed on the sites are abounded nowadays by a third of new disturbances due to electromagnetic waves…