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Researcher and designer of biosensitive devices

particularly intended and to locate phenomena of terrestrial activity that cannot be measured by rational devices. His research focused on the Geometry of Builders has made it possible to see a real coherence, concerning architectural concepts, participating in the development of old constructions.


Here we are at the end of the technical surveys on

V1 : Housing and Diseases

V2 : Electromagnetic Waves

V3 : Accident and Suicide Places

The first section

By 1066 surveys the picture was created to enlighten people on the understanding of the survey.

The house and the materials that make it up are very important for the health of the people who live there

Materials can be a screen that distorts people’s sensitive perception.

Psycho sensitivity: for example (found in Alsace) some materials were made of mashed blast furnaces that reversed the direction of the compass needle and therefore the north was to the south and the people living in these dwellings were very sick. These examples are no longer to be reproduced because they are totally harmful to the inhabitant.

Apart from the electromagnetic waves that represent 43% of pollution that disrupt the balance of the inhabitants by phagocytating the vital energies essential for the regeneration of immune defenses, anti body, anti-inflammatory, etc…

THE CONSTRUCTION must be very respectful of the place by taking account of the geographical or magnetic north which aim to place man in his reality of living environment in other words to respect his environmental conditions.

To obtain these results a technique used for centuries, called « REGULATING TRACING », has been particularly implemented by architects to work in coherence with nature at the service of the inhabitants. Let’s quote a precursor of this technique LEONARDO DA VINCI…

The disease follows multiple human factors from which family factors, ex a child raised in a particular environment imposed by the parents, become an adult in his life choices, he will seek an environment reminding him of his childhood.

The disease is influenced by the vibratory conditions of the house and the receptiveness of the inhabitants. It is linked to the shapes of the house and for this it is necessary to call on a geobiologist who detects the shapes as well as the other elements that create a nuisance, hence the importance of GEOBIOLOGIST.

Section 2

All the elements on this component are directly interactive on the environment of humans and habitat. Everything about electromagnetic devices that do a lot of service but generate a lot of pollution…

Section 3

This component is a testament to taking into account the opinion of a geobiologist in analyzing the accident site. Be careful, as information is multiple, it can be confusing, in order to demystify false beliefs.

These 1200 surveys demonstrate the seriousness of the participants, supported by specific research. All forming one of the first STUDIES, on the 3 Sections, at the World level.

Author with J.BONVIN


Preface Raymond Montercy