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Telluric data studied

Out of the 68 surveys carried out: The Telephone Relays were located in 21 places, there were 20 of them, which gives an average of 1 per site. The High Voltage Lines were encountered in 18 points with a number slightly higher than 21 this which slightly increases the average per site to 1.2. In the same proportions we find telluric currents 20 for a number of 18 and vortices 21 for 23 detected. Come by following the transformers 24 for 28 encountered… We find in progression the Telluric faults which really act with 32 and 39 found which corresponds almost to half of these black points. Finally at the top the Currents of Water 41 for 52 detected, either almost one per accident-causing place and to finish the Cosmotelluric Chimneys which took place on 44 sites with a number 122 or an average of 2.8 per site. As you can read about the authors we quote: JOSEPH BIRCKNER & ROBERT ENDRÖS page 11, these various elements play a major role in the cause of these accidents. To this list of TELLURIQUE elements, we wanted to add a certain number of additional CAUSES that we will first describe to you, so that you understand the pollution that they can generate in an accident-causing site.