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bad thoughts

Bad thought

A thought is the psychic representation, of a set of ideas, specific to an individual or a group, from which a judgment can arise, that an opinion (way of thinking) expresses when it is verbalized. (Wikipedia )

Negative object

-Negative object

Each object (made by man’s hand) emits a FORME ONDE.

This effect is amplified in art objects, because the artist who created it can, by his way of thinking « THOUGHT-FORM », put Love or Hatred or others, in the object.

An object by itself is never negative….

Karmic problem

Karmic problem

The law of Karma is the most powerful law, for Karma means Law of Cause and Effect. Every effect has its cause. The different Karmas that connect us to each other as well as to the other kingdoms of nature must be regulated by purification and not by breaking.

It is said in the Dharma:

« Acts engendered by Desire, Hatred and Ignorance are negative; They are the source of all suffering and inferior states of existence. Acts which result from the absence of Desire, Hate and Ignorance are positive; they generate happy worlds and happiness in all lives « from a publication of 15.10.2000 by Lama NAMGGYAL



Words by which we wish a harmful fate to someone « LAROUSSE »

Blocked Soul

Blocked Soul

When a person dies, his soul is detached from his bodily envelope. She must join the other side, which one could call « the spirit world », and must not remain on Earth with the living… Sometimes the soul gets « stuck » on Earth.