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Accidentogenic places

Strange that the Geobiologist is interested in accident-prone places! ! ! . . .

Despite the very great efforts made by the services of the State, the regions, the departments on the various categories of roads to annihilate the « DARK SPOTS » there are still points of shadow on these accidents which to date have not been elucidated. Some have been studied by a very small number of people, but not disclosed to the general public.

Through these 68 surveys carried out by 58 independent geobiologists, we wish to lift the veil on certain phenomena identical to those we encountered in our SECTION 1 (Housing and Diseases) and which can intervene directly in the behavior and attention of a car driver who crosses this PATHOGENE place.

Precise testimonies, noted by a German Geobiologist will testify to the phenomenon observed on our Neurovegetative system during the passage of such « DARK SPOTS »

We will end with a very well documented investigation of a studied site which has seen numerous suicides for a number of years…