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Relais on water tower

In the case of antennas located on water towers, the vibrational impact was measured at three different levels to verify its uniformity:

Here again there seems to be a phenomenon of wave, of radiation, apparently nuanced according to the height at which one is located on this medium. The higher one is, the less noticeable the vibration rate if we believe the transcripts of the antennas compared to the rates of the water itself. Then a measure of the vibrational rate of the water shows that it itself loses this energy-reducing influence as it moves away from the antenna, returning to a more normal level circulating in the city canals. One can also ask here, by looking at the average figures of vibrational rates, whether the water element is not a mitigator of the negative effects of the antenna. The water that has been culturally since the dawn of time a symbol of life and purification… would bring an interesting nuance to our living spaces and our health here.