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Data Studied in Miscellaneous

We see in these surveys that the Blocked Souls comes out on top with 193 out of 53 surveys or an average of 3.6 per site. This is normal because whenever there is a fatal accident, if no help is given to the soul, it remains at the place of death of its body. In second place are the Negative Hartmann Lines with 63 readings in 28 places or an average of 2.3, again this is natural when you know the structure of these lines…

We find in third position the Negative Objects with 42 out of 20 places, an average of 2.1. It would be interesting to explore the provenance of these objects with questions. The other Causes: Bad Thoughts, Memory of the ground, Karmic Problem as well as the Curses are in negligible quantity and they cannot be cited as important Causes for these accident-prone places. We still find in large quantities the effect of Electromagnetic waves up to 47% of influence in 63 surveys out of 68, or 92.6% of the places affected.