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Suicide on a bridge Causes

The 6 negative Hartmann lines are normal given the length of the bridge +/- 140 m. The 8 negative objects come “most certainly from people who put an end to their days.” We have put on a yellow background: Bad Thoughts, Memory of the Ground, the Karmic Problem, the Curse, the numbers are not quantities but simply these elements are present on the site.

The Blocked Souls number speaks for itself…

A significant influence of 40% electromagnetic wave which favors the lowering of the vibratory rate.

What first catches your attention is the considerable number of Cosmotelluric Chimneys 18 which are very balanced on either side of this bridge. The two vortices connect two not two of the chimneys which are located on each side of the latter. The 2 telluric faults as well as the water current strongly intervene in the lowering of the vibratory rate of the place.