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High Voltage Line


225 kwa

Since the 1960s, some lines have been regularly operated at voltages greater than 765 kV. High voltage DC lines can carry energy with less loss in line over very long distances because they support three to four times higher voltages for the same insulation and eventually operate underwater.

Very high voltage lines range from 345 to 500 kV for major national and international interconnections

The 225 kV for exchanges between regions

63 kwa

90 kva

23 kwa

Tensions of between 63 kV and 90 kV for urban or regional distribution will be found,


The 23 KV lines are the best known and most visible, as they are the ones that directly feed the transformers found in the neighborhoods of towns and villages

Looking at the readings made for the high voltage lines, relative proportionals detach quite clearly, showing us that according to the power of the lines studied, very little energy is found here. We can even say that it is lacking in all likelihood: a bit as if there were a phenomenon of concentration of electromagnetic waves, which devour the natural energy present and create a tangible depression. The higher the voltage of the line, the more energy it consumes around it. In the same way, the higher its voltage, the more this lack is felt at a distance from its implantation (gaps perceptible up to more than 370 meters on average).