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Methodology : Data Surveys

Methods: All the data used in this survey were collected by each of the 58 geobiologists, in their immediate environment or by acquaintances…

Methods: Data collection was carried out using two methods:

To avoid possible overlaps (recorded by 2 or 3 people on the same site…) each geobiologist was assigned a department of 1 to 62.
For the Television relays, the site was used:
« Telephone »:
Water tower, each geobiologist considered an element close to his home.
« on IDEM Building »
For the High Tension Lines (LHT – 400/225/60/60) the site was used
To locate homes near LHT everyone used the Geoportail/Topographic Map IGN site. Location of the line and search for a house below or near.
Note: for the classic 23 KV line – line close to home.

For processors: proximity to home
Photovoltaic panels on a home: close to home
Photovoltaic farm, on GOOGLE, ranks the image corresponding to its department number.

The second section of the survey conducted by 58 independent geobiologists across the French territory is also based on randomly selected points, identified from official maps searchable on the internet.

It focuses on elements present in environments that emit electromagnetic waves, the idea being to establish measurements and comparatives according to the nature/power of each, and then to evaluate the distance over which they can impact the exchange of energy between places and living beings.