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conclusions of accident-causing sites

The figures speak for themselves: The average vibratory rate of the earth recorded at the start of each of the 68 Surveys during the period was 99 KBOVIS.

The average Vibration Rate of the places was at 22 KBOVIS, barely ¼ of the Earth’s TV

On each of the accident-prone locations studied.

This very important difference is a not insignificant factor on the places studied which have demonstrated « unfortunately » the impact that a place which does not benefit from vital energy can create on a reduced number of motorists who are more sensitive to the change of energy when it passes over a PATHOGENIC place.

For a person who feels the energies of the earth: she could move to one of these places and after a few minutes she would have the impression that she is discharging her energy… Very quickly she will want to desert the place…