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Thus we can question by these different surveys and observations what impacts more or less our living environments.

Isn’t the habitat symptomatic of some of our ailments or lacks, stigmatizing man’s physical deficiencies?

Indicator of pathologies perhaps or at least can we anticipate or avoid the resolutely negative impacts of certain equipment in our living environments? Beyond the directly observable effects on our daily health, of these rather massive equipment, are we not polluted even more closely and more regularly by small components such as electronic chargers, portable hardware batteries (phone, computers)?

Don’t the waves that are supposed to make our lives easier (wifi, cellular) are constantly irradiating us under the pretext of speed, convenience and limiting the wired technologies that « clutter »? Is what is obviously polluting really the most polluting for our direct environment and thereby for us who live nearby?

Perhaps it would be wise to study our places of life beforehand, according to their context and their available energy resources and their potential interference?

Obviously the dwellings can be analysed in a neutral way, as a whole, and sanitized for the benefit of our way of life, for a better health balance: to discharge the intertwined physical tensions, naturally and/or artificially, to allow living beings to regenerate, significantly recharge, serenely!